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Royal Flush Cocktail

A smooth whiskey-based drink with fruit undertones makes the Royal Flush Cocktail a sophisticated sipper that’s perfect for any occasion!

Royal Flush cocktail, bottle of Chambord, bottle of Crown, and cocktail shaker.

The Royal Flush Cocktail

In poker, a Royal Flush is a straight flush (5 cards in a row: 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace) of all the same suit. It is the highest scoring hand and can’t be beat.

The same could be said of the cocktail which shares its name! The Royal Flush Cocktail is smooth and sophisticated, yet made with simple ingredients. It is perhaps one of the most well-known bar drinks that you could order almost anywhere and consistently receive the same thing. (I mean, how many times have you ordered a drink at a new place and not gotten quite what you expected? That probably won’t happen with a Royal Flush, making it a safe drink to order if you want to get something you know and love.

If you’ve never tried the Royal Flush, this is a whiskey based cocktail that is traditionally made with Crown Royal. Peach schnapps, raspberry liqueur, and cranberry juice create a fruity palate that is perfect for new whiskey drinkers or those who want something that is fairly strong, but doesn’t taste strong.

Because of its name, the Royal Flush makes a great drink to serve on poker nights, Vegas-themed parties, or any occasion really!

Even if you’re not the biggest whiskey fan, this drink is downright delicious because the fruity flavors help tone down the liquor. It’s smooth and flavorful and always a winner! (See what I did there?!)

Bright red Royal Flush drink topped with cherries


  • 1 1/2 Ounce Crown Royal
  • 1/2 Ounce Peach Schnapps
  • 1/2 Ounce Raspberry Liquor (Such as Chambord)
  • 2 Ounces Cranberry Juice

Optional Garnish

  • Maraschino Cherries
Royal Flush cocktail ingredients, with text labels

Helpful Bartending Tools

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  1. Fill a cocktail glass with ice cubes.
  2. Add a little ice to a cocktail shaker.
  3. Pour in Crown, peach schnapps, raspberry liqueur and stir to chill.
  4. Strain into your prepared glass and top with cranberry juice.
2 step photo collage showing how to make a Royal Flush cocktail

Prep Tips

  • Garnish your cocktail with a spear of maraschino cherries for a sweet touch.
  • If making as a shot, you can omit the raspberry to make the drink faster (if you’re making for a crowd like I did in my bartending days). Most classic Royal Flush recipes are 3 ingredients: Crown Royal, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. We added a touch of Chambord for depth, but the cocktail drinks just fine either way.
Royal Flush cocktail, bottle of Chambord, bottle of Crown, and cocktail shaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use Unsweetened Cranberry Juice or Cranberry Cocktail?

If you order a Royal Flush cocktail at most bars, especially a busy night club, you’re probably going to get a drink made with cranberry cocktail straight from the tap. Cranberry cocktail is sweetened, so it is generally what will taste best to the masses.

However, if you’re looking to reduce sugar content in your drink, you can absolutely use fresh unsweetened cranberry juice. The result is a drink that is both bright and tart, with a touch of sweetness coming from the peach schnapps and raspberry liqueur. For this option, I definitely recommend using both of the fruit-flavored liqueurs (and not omitting the raspberry) so you don’t end up with a mouth-puckering drink.

Do You Have to Use Crown Royal to Make a Royal Flush?

While this drink is traditionally made with Crown Royal, you can absolutely use your favorite type of whiskey or bourbon instead.

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Royal Flush Cocktail Recipe (Printable Recipe Card)

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Royal Flush Cocktail Recipe

A smooth whiskey-based drink with fruit undertones makes the Royal Flush Cocktail a sophisticated sipper that's perfect for any occasion!
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cranberry, peach, whiskey
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1
Calories: 225kcal
Author: Stacey
Cost: $10


  • Cocktail Shaker


  • 1 1/2 Ounces Crown Royal
  • 1/2 Ounce Peach Schnapps
  • 1/2 Ounce Raspberry Liqueur Such as Chambord
  • 2 Ounces Cranberry Juice
  • Maraschino Cherries optional garnish


  • Fill your cocktail glass with ice cubes.
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and pour in the three alcohol ingredients.
  • Stir the contents of the shaker to chill, then pour into your prepared glass.
    2 step photo collage showing how to prepare a Royal Flush cocktail
  • Top with cranberry juice and garnish with cherries.


Recipe intended for readers 21+
Nutrition information is an estimate only and will vary based on exact ingredients used.


Calories: 225kcal | Carbohydrates: 10g | Protein: 0.1g | Fat: 0.04g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.02g | Monounsaturated Fat: 0.01g | Sodium: 1mg | Potassium: 23mg | Fiber: 0.03g | Sugar: 10g | Vitamin A: 13IU | Vitamin C: 3mg | Calcium: 2mg | Iron: 0.1mg

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