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Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail

Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail

This refreshing Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail is crafted with citrus-infused tea and smoky bourbon – summer in a glass! Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail Nothing’s more refreshing on a hot day than a icy glass of sweet tea…except maybe when you mix that delicious sweet tea with a bit of bourbon! […]

layered Duck Fart shots

Duck Fart Shots

Silly name, sweet drink! The “Duck Fart” is a layered shot recipe with coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and whiskey – it tastes like a dessert! Duck Fart Shots The name is pretty silly, but this is one delicious drink recipe! A Duck Fart shot is a layered shot made with […]

Alabama Slammer - bright red cocktail

Alabama Slammer Cocktail

The Alabama Slammer is the perfect summer cocktail for front porch sipping – it’s sweet, fruity, and strong! Alabama Slammer The Alabama Slammer is a bright and colorful drink that looks as sweet as it tastes. Yes, this is a very sweet and fruity cocktail! But a word of caution, […]

golden whiskey based shots

Three Wise Men Shots

The “3 Wise Men” is a strong shot made with three great names in the worlds of whiskey: Jack, Johnnie, and Jim. Three Wise Men Shots The 3 Wise Men is a drink recipe that blends three types of whiskey, each with brand names that are named after a man: […]